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Can Hormone Replacement Therapy Eliminate My Menopausal Symptoms?

As women get older, hormonal and biological changes occur that signal the end of reproductive fertility. When it’s been 12 months since you’ve had a menstrual cycle, you’re in menopause. Hormonal changes take place during perimenopause, the period before menopause is complete, as well.

Menopause is a normal part of nearly all women’s lives, but that doesn’t mean your menopause symptoms can’t still be disruptive, uncomfortable, and an overall hassle. Symptom intensity varies, but for some, menopause becomes a difficult period of intrusive change and imbalance.

Experienced OB/GYN Dr. Leonardo K. Longoria offers comprehensive menopause care from Longoria OBGYN. Located in El Paso, Texas, Dr. Longoria provides support for his patients dealing with menopause.

One of the most commonly used treatment methods for menopause symptoms, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), uses hormone supplementation to smooth out your experience of this time in your life. Could you benefit from HRT to ease or even eliminate your menopause symptoms?

Your hormones out of balance: menopause symptoms

As you start to approach menopause, the level of the hormone estrogen in your body naturally starts to decline. This process occurs gradually, but by the time you reach menopause, the effects may become pronounced, leaving you feeling suddenly out of balance. 

Some individuals undergo early menopause, due to a hysterectomy or other medical issue.

Your hormones govern many aspects of your physical and emotional condition. When your hormone levels change, these aspects can become imbalanced. Hormonal changes may cause menopause symptoms such as:

All of these issues can significantly interrupt your daily life and nightly quiet rest.

Supporting you through menopause: treatments and therapies

You don’t have to learn to live with the discomfort and disruptiveness of your menopause symptoms. Dr. Longoria works with you on a treatment plan to rebalance your health and wellness as you go through your menopausal transition.

HRT is often central to your menopause treatment. HRT resupplies your body with hormones that have naturally declined in production so you can get back to feeling more like yourself again. HRT effectively addresses menopause symptoms, including mood swings, sexual dysfunction, hot flashes, and even stabilizes bone loss.

If you’re dealing with menopause symptoms like urinary incontinence that aren’t sufficiently addressed by HRT, ask Dr. Longoria about other approaches that could give you symptom relief.

Different delivery systems for HRT make this treatment easy to customize for your lifestyle. You can opt for oral or topical medications, injections, or even time-released pellets placed under your skin.

No matter your treatment needs, Dr. Longoria remains committed to providing you with top-quality care and symptom relief as you go through menopause. To learn more about the benefits you could gain with HRT, and to discover if you’re a good candidate, schedule your consultation with Dr. Longoria today by calling our office or requesting a visit online anytime.

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