Do Laser Treatments Hurt?

From stretch marks to unwanted hairs to wrinkles and other signs of aging, aesthetic issues can cause frustration and low self-esteem. With today’s cosmetic laser treatment technology, you have options for improving these aesthetic issues.

In the care of Dr. Leonardo Longoria and our team at Longoria OBGYN of El Paso, Texas, you don’t have to worry about too much pain during your laser treatment sessions. Here’s what Dr. Longoria wants his new and existing patients to know about what laser treatments can achieve for your appearance and what you can expect during a treatment session.

Cutting-edge tech for safe and effective results

The team of professionals at Longoria OBGYN use the Icon® laser system by Cynosure® for your aesthetic laser treatments. The many settings and adjustable handpieces on the Icon let us completely tailor your treatment to your unique care and comfort needs, while still providing effective results.

The Icon laser system utilizes powerful fractional laser technology to safely focus heat energy on targeted areas of your skin. The laser energy can kickstart healing and regeneration in the deep layers of your skin. In the days after your treatment session, your levels of collagen increase, filling out your skin and creating a rejuvenated appearance.

Conditions our laser treatments can address

The Icon system is flexible and can be used to treat multiple types of aesthetic issues. You could benefit from treatment to address:

Dr. Longoria can even use the Icon laser system for IPL phototherapy, using gentle pulses of light to reduce the visibility of spider veins, melasma, sun-related discoloration, and rosacea.

Whether you’re primarily looking to rejuvenate your skin or you want to resurface areas of your skin to remove visible blemishes, the Icon system can be used to implement your custom treatment plan.

Laser treatment and your comfort

During laser treatments, heat energy safely penetrates to deep skin layers for hair follicle destruction and skin rejuvenation. Most patients don’t find laser treatment to be excessively painful, although it may feel a bit uncomfortable.

You may experience a sensation during your procedure that’s similar to being lightly snapped with a rubber band. Many patients report a feeling of heat during treatment, as well.

If you’re concerned about laser-related pain or discomfort, we can provide a topical numbing cream to keep you more comfortable. 

Schedule your laser treatment consultation with Dr. Longoria online now or book over the phone by calling us at 915-201-1165.

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