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How the Icon® Laser Can Treat Varicose Veins

How the Icon® Laser Can Treat Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are visible purple or blue veins beneath your skin. Varicose veins may look like branching shapes or appear similar to spider webs. You’re most likely to see varicose veins on your legs and lower body, especially as you get older.

If you have visible varicose veins, you might feel self-conscious about the affected part of your body. Could you get back to wearing shorts or shorter skirts in public, without feeling embarrassed about the appearance of your legs?

With laser therapy and other anti-aging interventions, that’s a real possibility. Dr. Leonardo Longoria provides a variety of laser treatment services at Longoria OBGYN in El Paso, Texas. 

Read on to learn more about how the Icon® laser system by Cynosure® can smooth away aesthetic flaws like varicose veins.

Feeling self-conscious about varicose veins?

It’s nice to have confidence in the appearance of your legs. You have one less concern when looking for flattering clothing. And feeling good about your legs makes it easier to handle situations like time by the poolside with confidence.

Varicose veins showing up on your legs makes all of that more challenging. You may also see visible varicose veins in other locations of your body, including your arms and wrists. Any vein can become varicosed. That just means that the vein has become twisted and enlarged, creating an unsightly blemish on your skin.

Covering up your varicose veins eventually gets too constricting on your lifestyle. Your options for clothes and leisure activities become limited, reducing your quality of life. Instead of feeling self-conscious about your varicose veins, talk to Dr. Longoria about your aesthetic anti-aging treatment options.

Laser therapy for varicose veins

You don’t have to live with varicose veins. Dr. Longoria noninvasively treats visible varicose veins using the Icon laser system. Here’s how laser treatment works.

Dr. Longoria uses the Icon laser aesthetic system’s multiple handpieces to stimulate your tissue in the targeted treatment area of your skin. Dr. Longoria has full control of the fractional laser energy used in your procedure with this technology and can tailor the settings to your unique treatment needs.

The Icon laser focuses safe heat energy on your skin tissue to gently resurface your skin, while simultaneously stimulating the tissue layers below the surface, as well. The laser heat activates your natural cellular production and regrowth capabilities.

Dr. Longoria treats a wide variety of aesthetic concerns with laser therapy, including varicose veins and other causes of skin discoloration like melasma. You may also benefit from IPL phototherapy with the Icon laser system.

Most of Dr. Longoria’s patients don’t experience too much discomfort during laser therapy treatment, but he can provide a topical numbing cream. You may need multiple treatment sessions to see your best results.

Can you benefit from laser treatment for your varicose veins? Consult with Dr. Longoria to find out if you’re a good candidate for this outpatient procedure. Contact Longoria OBGYN online or over the phone today to schedule your initial consultation.

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