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Say Goodbye to Sun Damage with Laser Skin Treatments

Say Goodbye to Sun Damage with Laser Skin Treatments

Sun damage, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation all document time and wear-and-tear on areas of your skin like your face, hands, and neck. With laser skin treatments, you can resurface these areas, exposing fresh new layers of undamaged skin. And, laser skin therapy is minimally invasive, without extensive risks or downtime.

At Longoria OBGYN in El Paso, Texas, specialist Dr. Leonardo Longoria offers laser skin treatments to clear your skin from last year’s sun damage. Are you ready to start with a fresh face? Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of this type of laser therapy. 

Sun damage and your skin

Your skin is sensitive to the radiation contained in ultraviolet (UV) spectrum light. When your skin is exposed to UV light, like when you’re out in the sun without protection, or if you go to tanning salons, it receives damage. Areas of your face, hands, and chest are likely to get a lot of sun damage over time.

You experience one type of sun damage when you get a sunburn. A sunburn fades after just a day or two, but the negative effects of UV exposure on your skin can be longer-lasting.

Sun damage may show up as areas of hyperpigmentation, with dark spots forming due to radiation exposure. You could have larger, lighter blotches, or smaller, darker facial dots.

This type of sun damage is different from early signs of skin cancer. But, visible dark spots or blotches do contribute to a more aged, weathered appearance that many find undesirable. You may be able to get closer to your ideal skin appearance if you can remove signs of sun damage.

The benefits of laser skin treatment

Laser therapy improves your skin in multiple ways. And you won’t deal with the kind of post-surgical recovery that comes with anti-aging cosmetic procedures like face-lifts.

With a specialized tool, Dr. Longoria directs laser light toward your desired treatment area. The laser energy breaks up areas of pigmentation, giving your skin a surface free of skin damage. Small particles of pigmentation naturally flush away over time, leaving your skin fresh and clear.

Laser treatment also stimulates the deeper layers of your skin, inducing increased production of key proteins like collagen and elastin. After laser treatment, increased collagen smooths out your skin for additional rejuvenation results.

You can head home right after laser skin treatment. You may see some mild redness and swelling for the first few days after your treatment, and you should avoid sun exposure, harsh chemicals, heat, and dehydration while your skin recovers.

You can get repeat treatments as desired, spaced several weeks apart to give your skin a chance to see results.

To find out how laser skin treatments could help with your unwanted sun damage and other skin issues, contact Dr. Longoria today. Schedule your initial skin care consultation appointment online or over the phone today.

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